By Kipsie

I love lichens

I dropped down to Mum's with a pack of puff pastry mince pies, a tub of Langage clotted cream (for her to sample), & a loaf this morning. She was emptying her washing machine, & emptying her fridge, so I took the opportunity of giving the fridge a thorough cleaning, while she pegged her washing out. Stopped for a coffee and natter before heading back to Chudleigh. Bit the bullet & rang the dentist to make appointment to start the dental treatment, answerphone message. They'll call me back. Such a fabulous afternoon, too good to be indoors so I walked up to the allotment via the cemetery where I knew I might find some interesting lichens suitable for today's Blip. :-)
Then I legged it over the gate onto the allotment site. Tom & David were working away on their plots. I picked the last of my 2021 runner bean crop, at least 1kg, so I was very happy. Lifted the first parsnips of the season & was very pleasantly surprised with their size plus the fact they had'nt been chomped by any critters. Whoop whoop!! I took down the bean canes, removed the plants then turned the ground, I'm thinking I might plant my onion sets & garlic on this piece of ground. I pulled up a few of the pot marigolds that had gone over.  The dental nurse returned my call, so I have to wait until the dentist is back in surgery on Monday to arrange appointments. At least I've set the wheels in motion. The sun was setting away in the distance, time to head home.
Cider o'clock. :-)

Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting

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