By dfb24

A Mourning Dove...

...came for Thanksgiving dinner today. I'd just filled the bird feeders and gone back inside when I saw it sitting inside the feeder. It stayed in there--not eating, just sitting--for over half an hour;  very strange to see one at this time of the year. We had a little snow earlier, just the kind that melts as it hits the ground, but even so the twins were excited to see it, as they rarely get it where they live. They (& their parents) came for lunch and stayed until about 4:00, as my step-daughter's mom was having a big dinner at 5:30. Tom and my son-in-law both fell asleep, & we girls played "Barbie, Queen of the Prom" (a Board Game) & had a lot of laughs, as the original of this game came out in 1960--I can remember playing it with my friends as a kid. Hope all you US blippers had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day....so much to be thankful for!  :)

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