By Missycat

It's Abstract Thursday!

I've some how failed to go with this week's theme of ' Texture', set by our regular host Ingeborg, unless you count the glassy texture that I gave this image in PS Elements.  As you see I also gave it a twirl and a colour change as it started life as a shot of the crane behind the trees on the care home site opposite us.
Today I met my friend C for our fortnightly lunchtime catch up and for the first time walked from car park to restaurant sans stick!  C felt that perhaps this was not such a good idea as I'm no longer marked out as less mobile and as I was very stiff initially  upon rising after 2 1/2 hours at our table I am inclined to agree! Seriously though, I'm delighted that I'm still making progress.

Wishing all in the States a very happy Thanksgiving!

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