Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


So I neglected to mention that I got my good-as-new Nikon D750 back from Nikon Repair a couple of days ago - coincidentally, the same day the reimbursement check from our insurance company arrived.  (I am still astonished that they paid 100% of the repairs including shipping).  Anyway, I hadn't had a chance to take the 750 on a trial run yet so I put the hide up on the patio today and spent an enjoyable 45 minutes outside clicking away.  

I picked this House Finch because he is actually a color morph, showing both orange and yellow in his feathers rather than just red.  We don't see many like this so far north although they are more common south of us.  Anyhoooo...when I went to load the image, it was dated for 2014 and Blipfoto kindly informed me that I already had an entry for that date.  I was able to post it to today but now need to go in and reset the date in the 750 as it was obviously reset.  Funny thing is that when I go into the exif data, the date shows Jan. 14, 2014 but the metadata date is correct.  Oh well, an easy fix.

We had a great time yesterday with SIL.  She brought Jax two plush toys and he went into exuberance overload - he was racing around, chasing the new toys, squeaking them, just being a goofball puppy.  And, yours truly didn't get him outside in time and he had himself an excitement-pee under Hubs desk.  Not his fault - he still looses control when he gets scared (think Charlie the Cat) or overstimulated (think toys).   Anyway the toys were a hit and he loves his Aunt Loretta.  

Today I had some errands including a trip to the vet to get some medication for Phoebe who is showing signs of a recurrence of the inner ear infection.  Also a couple of new cat beds and some new apple-cinnamon treats for Jax.  After that, Jax stretched out right in front of the fire and I on the sofa and we both napped.  Hubs as at the home visiting MIL.  Then a walk in the park later this afternoon where Jax met more fans (honestly, it's not just my imagination - people love him).   An easy dinner tonight of leftover lasagna.  

Hope everyone here in the States had a wonderful Thanksgiving; and the rest of the world a wonderful Thursday.


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