Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

Puppy Naps

Kind of a lazy day for cats, pup and humans. Not that we didn’t manage to get some things done, but four of us found ourselves napping on the sofa for a while this afternoon. It would have been a trifle more blissful if the canine member of the group hadn’t been obnoxiously gassy. And why, I ask myself, must he lay sprawled across me with the gaseous end pointed in my direction??? Well, lucky for him that he’s so cute!

As I write this, Hubs is in his office, Phoebe is napping in her new bed by the fire and Jax is still sprawled across my lap…and still farting. Stop laughing.

I’m making a version of coq au vin for dinner tonight so probably need to get moving soon. Before the puppy fumes lay me flat.


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