Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

More Dereliction

When spring arrives, I can't seem to take my eye - or my camera - off wildlife.  And that continues right through mid-fall when there are still so many interesting wild creatures to be found.  But then the days get shorter and colder; the trees are bare; the landscape becomes bleak...and I start seeing the magic in things like this - a simple gatepost with a rusted chain.  I like the textures, the colors, the shape, the sense of oldness.

One of my birder friends and I decided to meet up at the wildlife refuge this morning to walk off some of the sins of yesterday's feast.  The weather was a perfect 60 F without even a trace of wind.  We wandered and chatted and enjoyed the sights.  We racked up 29 species of birds - not a bad count this time of year.  And I snagged a few shots like this one along the way.

The glow of the morning walk was somewhat diminished when, back at the car park, I turned the key in my car ignition ….and got nothing.  And only 7% battery on my phone.  Well, long story short - our attempts to charge my car battery failed, I called for roadside assistance, the guy got lost, then he got found, and finally I was able to get my battery (and cell phone) charged.  Friend followed me to the auto shop where we'd purchased the battery only 2 years ago and hubs met us there.  Battery being replaced and we will pick the car up in an hour or so.  All my fault, too, as I left the headlights on while we were out walking (for 3 hours).  Oops. 

In case you'd like a little wildlife fix, have a look at the very alert herd of deer that we saw as we set out - Extra.

Be safe. Be kind.


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