Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


We awoke to a light dusting of snow on the ground, maybe 3/4 inch.  Still, it was pretty and when I finally hauled myself out of bed, I immediately zipped out to the hide to shoot some pics.  Lots of birds at the feeders and I thoruough enjoyed my camera therapy time before coming back in for breakfast and a nice long FT chat with my parents.  

During my call with mom and dad, I spotted a beautiful cedar waxwing just outside the kitchen window on the cherry tree - only shootable through my very dirty window.  Happily, I was able to clean this up a bit in Sharpen AI and it's good enough for today.  Plus, I really can't resist these elegant, mysterious looking birds.  

After lunch, we took Jax about a half hour to the nearest dog park.  He was quite timid when we first went in, staying pretty much wrapped around our legs with his tail curled up under his belly and a little tremble.  But then two lovable golden retrievers came up and the social ice was broken.  He had loads of fun running and playing and just being a puppy.  We leashed him a couple of time when a particularly big dog started playing a bit too rough, but otherwise all was good.  Back at home, we put him in his crate where he barked for a solid hour but has finally quieted down.  The crate training process is slow and painful.  (Painful for us, that is).  

Last night's Coq au vin was delicious and we shall be dining on the leftovers tonight.  As for chocolate - dark with nuts.


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