Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Morning Surprise

Woke early to see the first flurries of snow coming sown in the street outside.  By the time I headed to the supermarket at 7:00 am it was 4-5 inches deep.  The roads were thickly coated, suggesting the gritting lorries had not been out, or there had been insufficient traffic to mix the grit with the snow.

Many cars and lorries were having problems with traction on the inclines.  I tried to help a driver of a BMW (rear wheel drive) but even on a slight slope he was completely stuck.  Lorries on the local bypass were queuing up on the hills, unable to gain purchase to move forward.  It's one of those times I was glad I had a 4x4 but even then I was mindful of other road users.  Nothing is infallible.

After the visit to the supermarket I took a local road into the countryside, only to be blocked by fallen branches from a roadside tree.  I got out to check but there was no way through and there were ominous noises from further on that I could only imagine to be creaking branches giving way under the weight of the snow.

I took a detour and came at the area from the other direction, spending just a few minutes to get some shots of the snowy scenes.  I then headed back to home and snuggled up in the warm for the rest of the day.

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