Anne's Daily Encounters

By dutchdelight

Sheep Speed

This afternoon we took a ride in the hills just behind Chania; I was very pleased to get Sweetheart away from his home and outdoors again... on the one hand he's grown lazy (and older) and on the other he fears contamination with the virus so much, that he's living almost like a hermit.

And when on those hilly roads we bumped into a shepard and his herd of goats and sheep. He's driving his pick-up truck very slowly and we were stuck behind him... I loved it, coz I had several opportunities to get out for a pica :-)
The shepard was a kind man of our age and he didn't speed up, coz there were two goats with a limp, so we lined up behind them most of the time too. 

For all who's interested in the topo.. these foto's I took on the rural roads between Kyriakosellia and Samonas in the region of Apokoronas, that is a little SE-wards from Souda / Souda-Bay on the chart.

And thank you lots for your reactions of recent! And have a Happy Sunday! 

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