Men in my Life

William stayed overnight and got up at the respectable hour of 0646, except it was still a bit too early for me. He wanted porridge for breakfast but Len insisted on adding bits of dried apple to it. Will didn't like that.

It snowed at 9 am. The first time I have seen snow in November for a while. See extra.

After finishing much of his homework, Will, Grandad, Basil and I set out for Quorn and Woodhouse Station in the hope of seeing some trains. It was bitterly cold and the railway staff wouldn't allow Basil in the café. Neither was the 1940s tea room open which usually has a blazing fire which Basil could sit next to, so we had to sit on the verandah to sup our hot chocolates.

A steam train arrived shortly after we'd arrived and another pulled in whilst we were sitting outside the café. There was also a diesel train but that didn't count. So we went home. Basil was a bit put out that he wasn't the centre of attention today.

I made honey baked salmon and home made chips for tea. Will seemed to like that. His Mum was horrified that I hadn't even offered him a sandwich at lunch but all he'd asked for was ice cream.

After taking Will home, Len, Basil and I went on to St James the Greater for the Leicester Bach Choir's first concert since 2019. The choir is depleted especially among the men, but the voices were sounding good. It was the Brahms Requiem, a beautifully lush piece of music. For me it was a bit too controlled. I've sung in freer versions.

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