By dfb24


...from one of my walks. Yesterday was the first time in over 8 years of blipping that I didn't post a photo. By the time I remembered, it was late and I had nothing to post. I feel bad that you've all been so kind about leaving stars & hearts on my photos and I haven't even been looking at journals, let alone commenting. Tom's been in the hospital twice in the past month, and remains very weak. He's not eating very much & is starting to have pain on his left side, under his rib cage, which I'm thinking is from an enlarged spleen, due to the leukemia; it makes it difficult for him to sit up, let alone walk. I'm finding it really hard to worry about much of anything other than Tom slowly getting worse, so I'm going to take a break from blipping for awhile. We greatly appreciate all your support and your prayers and good wishes, & I'm sending "thank you" hugs to you all.  :)

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