By dreaming

Happy Hanukkah

The whole extended family got together at Lex and Doug's house this afternoon for a Hanukkah celebration.  Cousin Diane cooked enough latkes for an army, served with sour cream or applesauce, and we had salad, cioppino, and ruggelach for dessert.  The twins enjoyed the latkes and applesauce and behaved well at the table.

We all gave gifts to the boys, who were happy to work at the wrapping paper as well as look at the toys inside.  I got them 14 pair of mittens, Sarah gave them some new clothes, and Diane gave them stuffed animals and a new truck.  Of course Sam and Max wanted to play with the new toys right then and there, but managed to keep it together somewhat when they and the toys left for home.

I had some lovely moments with both Max and Sam, who were in a cuddly mood.  They are so dear.  I hope I can arrange to see them sometime this week while Lex and Doug are in Hawaii.

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