Seeing Beyond Looking

By SandraSuisse

Sonny Angel: Tiny Tuesday

The small Sonny Angel doll (7cm high) is presenting the lovely geometric art in colour from Mono Monday.
If you care to know something about Sonny Angel, you can follow this link:

Since I first discovered it a few years' ago, I have always been attracted to the wonderful style and colour of art by Australian artist, Loretta Grayson. She calls this piece 'Still I Rise' which is also the title of an amazing poem by author and poet Maya Angelou.

The art piece is described as :'Sunrise over snow-topped mountains and trees with a fresh breeze'.

For anyone interested in knowing more and/or in following links, here are two:
Loretta Grayson art:
Maya Angelou poem:

This is not a macro photograph and I don't often go in for close-ups of insect shots (it's also winter here), but this cute little doll, called 'Cherry Blossom' is still pretty small. I'm also pretty small against a mountain! All is relative! :)

Thanks to Sheol for hosting Tiny Tuesday.

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