By amandoAlentejo

The Sky Will Help

Be near to what is alive
but cannot diminish itself with talk.
The sky will help;
it is large enough to extinguish your questions.
The trees know what to do;
follow their lead.

Heaven's frequency is not unfamiliar;
it is one you have always known, but perhaps lost
beneath layers of dogma
and ambition
and busyness.

No, it is not a leap of the imagination,
nor a contortion of the mind;
but an opening, an awareness,
a realisation, an acceptance.

- fragment from "On Listening to God", by Gideon Heugh

- living in a place of such beauty that I can walk out at dusk and hear God speak (surely, we all do, don't we?)
- my faithful and much battered Fujifilm X-Pro 1 to help me take it in and remember it
- Mike getting his flu shot and Covid booster, the latter unexpectedly

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