By SquirrelsEtc

Tiny Tuesday ....

... more tiny snowflakes.

This is the second Tuesday in a row that we have had snow falling.  I can't say I like this trend!

After returning from the grocery store this morning I was captivating by this tiny squirrel in the front birch tree.  As silently as possible I popped open the front window to get a few photos.  S/He was initially eating a piece of corn but then turned my way.  Adorable, isn't he/she.

Thanks to Greg (Sheol) for hosting Tiny Tuesday this month.  It was nice having "new blood" hosting this wonderful challenge.  Can't say I know who's hosting in December.  Actually yes I do ... it's Carol_dunham.

After looking at the photo again today (Friday) I noticed that the snowflakes near his/her nose are heart shaped!

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