On Some Days

By V1k1

Wide Wednesday . . . Shop Fronts

I did bit more lurking on the main street.  I have decided we have very boring shop fronts.  No one has made a big effort to decorate for the season.  You can see it is a sunny day and that's about all there is to say.  
Thanks Bob for keeping things wide. 
The extra is for Carol who wanted to see more of the red poppies.  They are growing in what is meant to be the foresters veggie garden.  He has a good crop of beans, potatoes, broccoli, two zucchini plants, lettuces, tomatoes and peas.  I of course added cosmos, sunflowers and sweet peas.  Those orange things are his chainsaw gumboots drying out on tomatoe stakes.  Don't ask me why.   

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