The second half of life..

By twigs

Bugsy Butterfly

I felt a lot more ready for the craziness of this morning's exams and the time I'd put in yesterday afternoon to ready things for a smooth start was well worth it.  As fortune would have it, F was back on deck this morning too :)

Another day, another l-o-n-g stretch but a sense of satisfaction in finally solving the last of a few mysteries with some papers/students.  Looking forward to a much more regular day of supervision tomorrow.

IN COVID news, there were 172 new cases announced today.  There are 86 in hospital and 9 in ICU.  Closer to home, the Nelson total has grown from 4 yesterday to 14 today.  2 schools have temporarily closed as they have cases.  Our previously comfortable and safe bubble feels like it is about to burst.  I wouldn't be at all surprised to see quite a few absences over the remainder of the exams and already, I find myself beginning to rethink a few plans that are in place over the next few weeks.

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