By CleanSteve

As near a feeding frenzy as cows produce

Whilst driving a back road from Bisley to Chalford running errands I saw these cattle surrounding this feeding trough in a field. I had to drive a further half a mile before I could turn around and then park by the adjacent disused barn (shown as an Extra).

I walked a short way along the road, having spotted the farmer sitting in his vehicle in the yard and I sensed it would be best to keep away. I was amused by the face of a cow emerging from the inside of the scrum, looking a bit put upon. I would have thought the farmer could break the bale of hay into small sections and spread it around for the cows to eat more easily. I wonder for what reason he didn't.

I went back to the farm yard on the public footpath and took the other picture. I like these old Cotswold stone barn and outbuildings, which are now mostly converted to homes or else abandoned. These farm buildings are not close to the main farm which I presume is Nash End farm, sited on the flat farm land above the stream flowing down the steep valley from Bisley to Eastcombe in what then becomes the Toadsmoor Valley.

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