Number Johnny Five

8:30pm and in the garage packing a recent eBay-sale.

Not the bike. The bike is new. And shiny.

Easter Sunday. A day to remember that Love has won. That death doesn't have the last word. A day for resurrection.

Much weariness in the house, but much gratefulness for another day of possibilities.

Seems this new bike fits on the recently borrowed turbo trainer too. It's a noisy beast, but might help me find some extra miles when I'm not able to ride on the road.


I loved the Short Circuit films when a pre-teen. And when a teen. And now too. I can still reel of much of the script when watching. A sad-but-true confession.

I got a shock when watching the non cut-for-TV version and the (albeit quite tame) language. Not one for the weeWeir to watch for a wee while then.

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