By Mrsmacdub

Wine, pizza and the Magic Mail Machine

After fifteen long weeks, the Parnell Farmers’ Market re-opened today and it was so good to be able to buy fruit, vegetables, milk and eggs direct from the producers again. We were very pleased to see them and they were equally pleased to see us.

The Maritime Museum is also re-opening and will be able to take passengers out on its boats again.  Firstly, though, the crews were recalled for a refresher course today, along with a briefing on how trips will operate under Covid regulations.  Hubby was very happy to hop on a bus and head into the city to find his sea legs again.

After a busy morning, I hopped on a bus myself and met hubby at the Maritime Museum, where we had a quick lunch in the café before doing a spot of shopping and then meeting a friend just after 4pm for a chat over a bottle of Trinity Hill Syrah and a pizza.  Most enjoyable.

As we walked through the Commercial Bay centre on our way to catch the bus home we saw Santa’s Mail Machine.  Children were writing letters to Santa, tapping in their name and then posting the letters in the magic mail machine. As soon as the green button was pressed a series of tubes lit up, noises sounded, smoke puffed out and the child’s name eventually appeared on an illuminated, digital board. Great fun!

There are 98 new community cases today - 64 in Auckland,  3 in Northland, 21 in the Waikato, 6 in the Bay of Plenty, 1 in the Lakes area, 2 in Hawke’s Bay and 1 in the Nelson-Tasman area.

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