By Viewpoint

Inca Eyes

I was looking around for something to Blip this morning, when really my mind was on cataloguing a few more of Jan's prints.  After trying the Peace Lily (and it was really a bit dark in the room, even though the plant is in the window), I spotted the two figurines on the mantelpiece.  I don't think I've used them before on here.  From a former life before my previous life I visited Peru and did the Inca Trail.

I've managed to find a way of packaging some of the prints that Jan did on very thin Japanese Paper, so although I've not added many to the list today I'm pleased Ive done those.  I need to clear that room as a couple fo friends are going to stay in a few weeks time.

p.s. I didn’t say but the weather was absolutely foul yesterday - fortunately the man who was bringing me logs rang to ask if he should delay it until next week.  That certainly suited me as Merv (who was going to help me) is self isolating because he’s been in contact with someone with Covid19.

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