The second half of life..

By twigs


Popped up to see L this afternoon and spent a lovely couple of hours chatting about all sorts.  Great to see him home again after his stay in Christchurch xx
Weather still not very summery at all as you can see from the grey, cloud-laden skies.  We'll need a lot more sunshine on these vines if they're to turn into a scrummy wine next year.  

In COVID news there were 106 new cases reported today; 77 people are in hospital and 7 in ICU.  The great news for us in Nelson today - there were no new cases following last weeks wee scare.  Yay!
Because I'm posting the last couple of days late I haven't commented on the biggest local news in a while - Auckland, after 106 days of restrictions and lockdowns, have finally been given some freedom :)  Not that they can leave the city yet, but it's a huge step forward meaning people can now go 'out' to restaurants, cafe's and bars, visit and gather with friends and family, go to the movies, the gym, the hairdresser..........  They've done it tough and I'm pleased a touch of normality is returning for everyone.

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