Just humor us, Achilles, Achilles, come down

I don't think we had been at the allotment for three weeks....  Shame of it.  Truth be told there's not much to do right now -and today for sure, the ground was so hard, there was nothing we could do. 

But it was the day we take the photo  - a month by month one.  So we headed up after a terribly grand bacon butty Slathered in Brown Sauce.  Tasty. 

Not a soul was about.  The doggie training was going on in the next field... not that we could see them - we hung the drone over the field, and not one dog could we see, we could hear them okay. 

After I did the "Dead Body" shot - we headed into town.   Had a lovely coffee on the beach and did some people watching, and then had a wander around the town.  Picking up a couple of bits and bobs.

Once we came home - i made potato and leek soup for tomorrow (The best ever potato and leek with a splash of chilli. 

Then I tried a Nadia Recipe.  Apple and Olive Oil cake - not my fancy, but Himself did declare, it was "his type of cake", and I like to make Himself happy, ( apart from the nip grabbing) ... and so I got to it. 

I made apple sauce.  I made apple syrup, and  I made olive oil and icing sugar drizzle.  That is a bit of a worry. It's green. 

Any hoo 

I've had a lovely day. 

And now I'm sitting with my Merlot... Himself has taken over in the kitchen, with the exception of the crispy kale which I have dressed (sesame seeds, thai spice and salt.)   Looking forward to that oh yes i am (and I picked the kale this morning.   Frozen Kale.   Perfect. 

And I;'m watching Doctor Who, from the Start of Matt Smith and Amy Pond.  Ooooh the days of an entertainment programme, and not a political statement. 

Today's Lyrics : Archilles Come Down, Gang of Youths  My current fav on my play list

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