Curly Locks, Curly Locks Will thou be mine

Haven't seen Boy for a couple of weeks, so I thought I'd treat you.

He and J have been very quiet on social media for the last couple of weeks as they try and establish a new source of income after being depleted of their Teaching by the change in Chinese Internet laws. 

J has been retraining/rebranding/learning all about being a virtual assistant.  She is now a registered company and has her first clients!   Boy has been regularly producing text for websites, and won his first copywriting gig last week,whilst also starting work on writing a book. 

With such positivity, they are heading into the festive season and on the up and making plans to resume their travels.   They have itchy feet and want to be on the move and seeing the world.

But would you look at this hair?? 

If only my hair sat like this instead of the frizzball mess it gets into when I haven't flattened it to death.

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