Scattered Polaroids

By sp

Bruges Day 4

Up and breakfasted and packed relatively early, but still late enough to have just missed the start of the cycling. Oops.

Checked out, but left our bags in the hotel. Did some wandering, then to the Gruuthuse Museum (one of the few open on Easter Sunday). I was weirdly grumpy for an unknown reason, and didn't really enjoy it. I didn't really understand... it was something to do with books. And all the artefacts were numbered in a completely haphazard system, so you had to keep flicking back and forth through the guide.

Walked some more, hung around the Begijnhof for a bit, then treated myself to THE most amazing cup of hot chocolate. It was unbelievable. Back to the hotel for our bags, then to the station. Double decker train to Brussels, then about an hour of being constantly lost.

The station itself is a complete maze, and there were no maps anywhere that showed how to get to the city centre. In the end we decided to just accept the roaming charges and turned to Google. By the time we actually made it to the Grand Place, we were tired and achey and hungry and generally annoyed... but it's just so damn impressive.

Looked in the covered arcades, then found an amazing veggie/organic/generally-good cafe. We went in for sandwiches... ended up with an apple crumble for Graham and a rhubarb crumble for me.

Got back to the station just in time - the Eurostar terminal was crazy busy. Tickets, passports, passports again, luggage, train, sandwiches, Lille, tunnel, London. Got back home at about 10.30, ate some toast and crashed.

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