From Here To Eternity

Well what a palaver trying to upload this shot I'll tell yeah when I tried to upload the shots I took it wanted to load all 3095 photo's on my SDHC card and I tried all different ways to just get just the ones I took today to upload but it was not to be so I got them put onto a disc at Asda and was about to upload it and then because it was the next day the disc showed it taken on the second Arrggghhhhhh frustrated or what eventually done it through Sandra's Ipad well I had a rant at the Tesco Staff on Sunday now it was time for a rant at an Asda member and a punter who decided to jump in front of me and five others in the queue for buying my paper and a lottery ticket the guy walked in front of us me being at the head of it he had the money for paying for his paper but the girl said she needed to scan it I said out loud he needs to get in the queue as well gesticulating that there were six of us in front the staff member took his paper and scanned it I said out loud again do you think we are standing in this queue just for the hell of it she just shrugged her shoulders and the guy wasn't batting an eyelid and a voice behind said here here so after giving her a dirty look it was off to the customer service desk and told them I was not a happy chappy it's rude and it's ignorant on both parties it really pisses me off big time and I made sure that when she seen me walking to the customer service desk I made sure she seen me gesticulate that it was her behind the counter pissing off all those in the queue Hummfff well that is the rant over for today so sorry for the delay in uploading Monday's blip but I had no end of trouble getting this one on , and I am so pleased with my new Tassimo coffee machine with my Costa lattes as well as the creme brulee syrup and it tastes just like the Costa Store and the fact I saved a bundle on the Tassimo machine as Amazon wanted £95 for it Asda was £75 but I got it at PC world for £39 so big saving indeed and for an extra tenner if the machine goes tits up in the next three years they will give me a new one anyhow back to today's shot I captured this interesting close up of of the centre section of The Forth Rail Bridge with the snow capped Pentland Hills and Inchgarvie Island with the last of the evening sun catching it nicely and the Island still has some of it's WWII fortifications on it which were there to protect it during the war

so now then movie for the day will have a slight war them due to the proximity of the fortified Island so it will be "A Bridge Too Far 1977"

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