Inherit The Wind

Well I might as well get my couple of rants out the way first on my way back home over the Forth Road Bridge the car in front of me was plodding along at 35mph C'mon lady hurry up it's 70mph now and your still going 35mph well I was coming up to my slip road and as I passed her on her left hand side I notice she was frikken texting away so I blasted my horn and mouthed the words get aff yer phone ya plum or words to that effect jeezo anyhow my day started off shitty as well I was picking up a bag of coal from Tesco to take to my mums as every now and again she likes a coal fire so I bought the coal and filled the car with petrol and thought ok I will go inside the store and get a latte and cheese and ham toastie so it was one of the self serving coffee machines that dispenses the coffee so the guy took the toastie to the grill to cook it and said he would bring it over shortly well he disappeared through the back and every now and again he would stick his noggin out like the proverbial Turtles Heed Poking Oot out to make sure no one was wanting any food well I WAS MATE and was still waiting, I do have a lot of patience but when I noticed him take his apron off and bugger off the poor guy who happened to come out to server got it with both barrels as now I had a half cup of coffee left and this was now 23 minutes after ordering it and as I had a view of the grill and could see what had been happening to it earlier I got up with my coffee on the tray and went up to ask for a refund the guy said whats up with the coffee I said it was cold he asked was it hot when you poured it Yes I replied he replied well you may have to drink it quicker next time I said I was hoping to use the last of it to wash my toastie down with but I had still not got it and when I pointed at the last of the smoke going up the extractor fan from the grill I said to him I have a friend who's a professor I will get him to bring his mass spectrometer to radio carbon date my sandwhich as it was like charcoal honestly how hard is it to do a toastie and bog off and forget to give it to the customer so no drink or toastie for me Humf but I got my refund and bogged rant over so I dropped the coal off at my mums had a quick blether and then headed out so off I went to get my blip for the day I had a plan for what I wanted to take the last three days before back to work for some more railway shots and I wanted to catch some Turbines I like wind farms I know some people may think they blot the landscape but where Sandra comes from in the Prairies of Alberta Canada just a two minute drive from her town of Fort Macleod has hundreds if not into the thousands of turbines now they do enhance an area that does not have much to look at and they power the Calgary C train light rail system in downtown Calgary as we all know that oil and gas reserves won't last forever so we have to embrace other technologies for sustainable power and these are one of the new types as we need to "Inherit The Wind 1960" for the next generation anyhow that is my opinion and each to there own so here is my blip for the day of Inherit The Wind anyhow I hope you all enjoyed your Easter weekend and I just bought myself a Tassimo Coffee machine so I can have Costa Coffee at home as well as that won't get cold that's for sure

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