From Aldi

We had a "mass viewing day" today - what in pre-Covid days would have been an "Open Day" - but they're not allowed at the moment - so the Agents call it "launch day" and arrange for viewings at half-hourly intervals - the theory apparently being that for each lot to see the previous and subsequent viewers puts pressure on them.  They arranged for one of the staff to come and show people round, and advised us to leave the premises.  

So we went off to do some shopping.

First to Aldi - where W overdosed on the German Christmas goodies - though we couldn't find any Speculatius biscuits.  Here tipped out onto the kitchen worktop after we got home - NOW I have to find somewhere to store them before Saturday, when we have another mass viewing session.  There were a couple of blokes having what sounded like a major domestic whilst doing their shopping - great entertainment.

Then we popped into Aldiss - a local furniture store.  They have a cafe, so we had our lunch there.  And then had a look at some beds.  We've been considering getting "his and hers" beds with the fancy adjustable bases - so it's more comfortable to sit up in bed and drink our morning cuppas.  Good to have a look at some, but we have to balance the pros and cons.

Then over to The Range, as I wanted some alternative colours of mount board for the cross stitched piece I am framing, where we browsed the very tacky Christmas decorations and resisted all of them.  Then a toy shop, where we found some gifts for the boys.  And finally Sainsbury's, to have a look some clothes for the boys.

By this time, it was late enough that we could come home - found the house essentially in darkness, though a few lamps had been left switched on. 

We await with interest the feedback from the 8 or 9 viewings.  

Tomorrow, we will continue with the slow process of clearing out some of the stuff that "might come in" - do we really need to take 100s of plastic plant pots to Ireland - they probably sell them there if we need them.

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