Woman Walking

By njoyce06

My Christmas Blessing.......

Molly and I went to see Dr. Denise today.  She was getting a check-up and I was getting meds for her for another month.
      Molly is in remission.  The tumors are unpalatable, but her lungs have rails, a vibration when she breathes.   She is walking on all 4 legs, is begging for walks outdoors, chasing lizards, barking at strangers and in all ways, is enjoying herself.  She is  playful on the bed and full of herself.   She does tire easily, she can't walk but a block outdoors (we used to walk 3 or 4 miles together).
     This doesn't change the eventual outcome, but for now, Molly is very happy and enjoying life.   I am lavishing love on her, and grateful for whatever time we have together.  I know the time will end, but am making the best and most of every moment we have.
       I wish everyone in Blip land the same blessing of time, grand health, and the joy that is out there for all.      May you all have love, joy and good health in the new year to come.

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