Living in Brabant

By AilsaR

Let it be

Grounded myself today, have a nasty cold, sore throat, the works. Slept a lot, even sat in the sunshine, with rug, and hot cup of tea. Apart from a quick visit to the supermarket didn't go out. What to blip though?

I haven't posted any photos of my home for a while, and have already done this corner of my bedroom, twice, so here's the other side!

Btw, the panorama photo on the wall is of a cider apple orchard, taken on my dad's 80th birthday nearly two years ago (lying on the ground, with macro lens which gives it an ethereal feel close up). My parents are going through difficult times at the moment, and I think of them a lot.

I filled in a local questionnaire today, and ticked all the boxes about being satisfied with the area, and town I live in, etc.
It made me realise how content I've become in this house. I've been through some bad times this past year, but I appreciate that I was very lucky to get where I am today. And to have the people who had faith in me.

And when the night is cloudy there is still a light that shines on me
Shine until tomorrow, let it be

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