Living in Brabant

By AilsaR

On Broadway!

Grounded myself again today; tackled this and that, couldn't keep still. The snotty cold is gradually improving though.

Needing to stretch my legs I walked into town after dinner. Didn't go too far, but didn't really need to.

Passing the permanent statue of a man walking into the wind; his coat flapping behind him, shoulders low, he looks wearisome. Someone had kindly given him an extra raincoat. It's a bitter wind out there. Thoughtful.

I went back to the shop window where only a few days ago a blue light was seen burning brightly inside, only to find the light was out and the place filled with darkness. Spoilsports.

The church clock struck nine, (yes, 21.00 and still not completely dark!), opposite, the theatre, red carpet unfurled, the crowds already inside. Silence.

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