Penguin Droppings

By gen2

A Blipper's Mindset

The main blip is of the sunrise on the 9th.
It is easy to understand that many people, not just blippers, would be drawn by the colour and intensity of the dawn to photograph it,

It is not surprising then that a few blips were posted of this.

Some blippers, myself included, are not content to sit back and think that that's the blip sorted for today.  Blippers are always on the lookout for Blip material and so I captured the cirrus cloud that passed overhead in the afternoon ('Extra').

It caught my attention because of my meteorological background. It indicates strong winds and strong windshear at high altitude - indicative of an approaching weather front.  Who else would notice it, and then take the effort to photograph it?

Yes, you've guessed it, a fellow blipper!

I was surprised when I saw that Blipper Rockit had posted the same cloud formation from an unknown location, presumably in Fife (mine was from Kinghorn).  You can see their entry here:

And of course, I cannot go without once again thanking you all for your hearts, stars and comments on my celebratory blip yesterday.  You are all wonderful.

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