The second half of life..

By twigs

...and a starling in a pohutukawa tree...

Went into town today - it felt like a long time since I've been.  Several firsts - first time being asked for my vaccine passport, first time this year I've willingly shopped in a store playing Christmas carols (I walked out of a couple when I heard jingle bells in early November!) and first time in a very long time someone has said I looked younger than my age.  That made my day :D 

On my way home I detoured to Monaco to see if the kingfishers were about at R's place.  R saw me peering into her tree and popped out for a chat.  I learnt that they've chosen their nesting site ie which hole in the tree they'll use (see extras) but their previously reliable 'schedule' (around in the early morning and mid-evening) is blown apart and they're coming and going pretty much any time.  R thinks there are eggs being tended to on the nest at the moment so may be hatching in a week or two.  According to this article, it will be about 26 days until they fledge.......I think I have a bit of patient waiting and watching ahead.

IN COVID news, there were 60 new cases r,eported today.  There are 60 in hospital and 3 in ICU.  There are no new cases in Nelson today but 1 person is in hospital.  94% of the eligible population are now fully vaccinated and 89% are partially vaccinated.  We're looking like reaching the magical 90% fully vaxed well before Christmas.  More soberingly, two deaths were reported yesterday.  

(PS, as usual when referncing this kingfisher activity on someone's private property, the map location in very general.)

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