Scoots, Shoots & Leaves

By TerriG

Free Smile Tuesday

Liza and I met Dave (left) and his brother Tim on our scoot this morning. I had to compliment them on their cheery baskets, and Tim informed me that today is Free Smile Tuesday. Yesterday was Funday Monday. Tim said, "You know, smiles are contagious, sort of like yawns. If you smile at someone, they can't help but smile back." I agreed with him and told him that Liza and I spread smiles as we scoot on down the road; people find amusement in the sight of a tiny dog who looks like she's pulling my scooter.

I couldn't help but notice that their smiles seemed a bit forced, or maybe even pained. And if I had to carry all my worldly goods in a shopping cart and wander the streets, I imagine my smiles, if any, would be hard to come by. I admire Tim and Dave. Against all the odds - and demons - they must be battling on a daily basis, they still attempt to bring a little joy into the world.

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