Aches And Pens

Our medicine cabinet is groaning under the weight of potions and pills. It's a sign of the times, both my wife and I live with constant pain and we laugh about it now. Just part of growing up!

Two examples of our attitude towards the agonies of the ageing process...

She called downstairs the other day... 'Andy, do you ever get a shooting pain in your body, like someone is sticking needles into a vodoo doll?'

'No'   I said, 'Why!?'

'And how about now?' she said.

And I remember fondly when she was in labour with our first child.. I grasped her hand and said 'I am sorry you are going through this'

She looked at me and sneered, 'It's not your fault darling!'

In another example she said I would sleep a lot better if I went to bed and did a little light reading...
I fell asleep with the words '60 Watts - Made in China' imprinted on my retina.

Gary has started the plaster boarding in the extension, moving along nicely, and today we went to pay for the floor and shower tiles. Mrs I is enjoying this bit, now the messy stages are behind us.

Many thanks for everyone's kind comments and stars, always very much appreciated. 

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