Stuff and Nonsense

By Diane2104


Was thankful that I was able to fit in my routine screening this morning at the doctors before they stop all non essential appointments to concentrate on Covid boosters. 
Then I made a quick trip to Tesco on the way home in search of water filters for my parents (but failed). 
This afternoon I have been doing the last of the baking for Xmas - millionaires shortbread to bring to London(at Christmas) and to my Mum and Dad’s on Sunday. Mum didn’t ask for me to do any sweet treats for later, but I’m sure the nieces will devour it in the evening or take it home.  The only thing left to do for me is to decorate the tree which is drying off in the porch today and make the dessert for lunchtime on Sunday when we will all meet for our pre-Christmas get together. 
I had a little nap during the late afternoon before relaxing in front of the Monday night quizzes on BBC2. Crikey, Only Connect was SO difficult this week! 
I’m getting on nicely with the second jigsaw of the season - this one is a new one and is centred around Barn Owls. 

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