Temperature Drop!

I don't have an open fire for logs in the property, so if it does get a bit chilly in the dining room I have a gas fire that I can enjoy, and this afternoon it did feel chilly.

I went to the last aerobics class of the year, then went into S'bury's cafe with a couple of the ladies for a coffee and chat, one of whom was really upset that her and hubby cannot go up country to the family as DIL has got Covid. Don't know which strain, but would assume it is this latest, Omicron. So many peoples Christmas arrangements are going to be disrupted again.

Sent the last of the written cards in the post today, just got to go on line for the others, which I will do shortly. Nothing planned as such for the weekend other than getting the home cleaned and tidied up, so then put my little tree up. Still have three gifts to purchase, so might just pop into town early in the morning, to get inspired. There was a little shop I saw yesterday, I want to explore as i think she has some tiny glass tree decs that will be perfect for mine.

I am still behind with your blips dear friends, but I will catch up. In the meantime, have a lovely weekend, try not to get stressed out with what is going on that we have no control over. Be kind to yourself, take care and stay safe :-) xx

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