Wild Wednesday ....

... sssssnake.

We have been blessed for the past few days with incredible weather ... especially for mid-December.  Lots of sunshine and warm temps. 

That said ... we got out at lunch time for a quick walk at Housenick Memorial Park.  Bet you didn't see that coming! :-)

As we were getting towards the end of our walk Richard all of a sudden and surprisingly said "Snake"!  And I was there in a heart beat as I simply love snakes and was indeed surprised that one would be out of it's winter home below ground.  I guess he/she also wanted to take advantage of the warmth.  I got as close as my camera lens (300mm) would allow and took lots of pictures.  I've added another one in extra that shows the whole snake. This is a common garter snake and was only about 3-4 feet long.  

Thanks to Cailleach for keeping Wednesday's wild! 

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