Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Arnside Al Fresco Coffee

The morning was perhaps a touch too clammy, cold and foggy to be sat in the garden drinking coffee.  You would think we could offer an esteemed blipper like Flavia13 more comfortable surroundings on a winter's day; but Omicron is growing exponentially out there, and none of us are taking chances now.  So we put on our coats, hats and thermals and enjoyed each other's company in the garden, as our good friend came to exchange Xmas presents with Wifie.  Meanwhile Gus sat in his basket in the warmth under the Christmas Tree wondering what his barking people were up to now.

I had a feeling the sun would break through in the afternoon, and I would have a difficult blip choice.  It did as the fog settled and the Knott was bathed in bright sunshine.  The extraordinary thing was that the estuary and Morecambe Bay remained full of cloud far below the hill (see extra).  And I had to renew my full membership to be able to show both our garden coffee morning and the afternoon view to the Bay as the sun was setting.

There is something missing from the extra, and that's the silhouette of my collie companion.  He was too lame today to make the walk, but if you follow the link to Flavia's blip above, there are 10 photos of our little star.

A bonus though was bumping into Arnside Simon as I was taking this and the subsequent sunset photos, that rounded off an outdoor day perfectly.

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