Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Mist, myth and magic

It was another day when the mist clung to the lower ground and flooded the estuary and Morecambe Bay, while the Knott stood above it looking down.

This was after the sun set as I was heading home from a walk on the hill.  Arnside Tower was enveloped in mist that was drifting towards the Bay, revealing itself mysteriously with the rise and fall of the mist.  At this time of the year, the Tower is bathed in low sunshine as the sun drops towards the Bay, free from the shadow of the Knott.  The second extra shows the last sunlight catching the tower and tree tops before the sun was lost in the cloud of the Bay.  The first extra from the opposite (Arnside) side shows the light cutting through the mist, the tower silhouetted.

The mist always gives this scene a feeling of myth and magic that it lacks on the clear days.  We can imagine that the Tower is not derelict and tumbledown, that it is still used as a hideaway when the Border Reivers come raiding from the north (if indeed, that was its purpose).  The farm and its modern outbuildings are concealed within the cloud, and the  jumble of caravans at Holgates is hidden from view.

Back at home we had another morning garden get together, this time  with Sue and Ali before they depart for their respective family gatherings.  This time we were warmed by weak sunshine, and enjoyed the antics of the house sparrows (who seems to have had a good breeding year, there are loads more than usual).

Backblipped on 20 December.  No photos taken today as the grey returned.  Good news though from last Friday's blood-letting, all markers still stable.

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