Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Arnside and Beyond....

....on the shortest day of the year.  The turning point, not long now until the snowdrops are in flower, the catkins are shedding pollen, and the chiffchaffs are singing in the woods again.

A grey, cool day with little wind as the reflection of the village and Knott shows.  I went down to the front for a walk on the shore, to see the goldeneyes diving and bobbing up in the distance, the curlews feeding on the water's edge, and the gulls commuting back to their nighttime roost on the Bay.  

I was also resting my knee which I had mysteriously hurt the day before when walking back home through the wood.  It's been quite a few months now since Gus and I last had our daily morning walks over the Knott before breakfast.  It doesn't take long to lose condition, my legs were aching after my walks last weekend and so I resolved to have a walk over the hill or its equivalent every day.  I obviously pushed it a bit too hard too early.  Anyway, after a more restful day and some of C's magic treatment, all seems to be back to normal as I write this on Wednesday morning.

Back blipped on 22 December 2021.

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