By Ingleman

Night On The Tiles

It is 16.50 and I am on my knees. 

Yesterday was gruelling, up early, 9.00 appointment at the GP to discuss my recent blood test and prognosis. More tablets, bugger.

Then, a trip to the builders yard where my blip for the day was taken. Then a nine hour round trip to Stansted to collect our son who is home for Christmas. Arrived home  (safely!) at 11.00pm, and had a long catchup and and a nifty nip of Jack Daniels. Set the alarm for 7.00am this morning but the first of three deliveries beat me to it. At 06.40 precisely the tile warehouse delivered the tiles and adhesive for the new shower room. (Today's blip) - . That is a record for us, never before have I greeted a delivery man in my Poirot dressing gown when the rest of the street is in bed.

Gary arrived at 07.50 to carry on with the plastering and I started laying some very heavy slabs for the new pathway in the back garden. (not in my dressing gown I might add!) Then his highness decides I need to chase across town to get some more supplies and the traffic today was hideous. If this is Christmas you can forget it. There's no joy in it whatsoever.

I am not doing anymore, I am knackered. And if anyone from Staffordshire Council is on blip, please note the Wergs Hall Road is in a dangerous and unacceptably poor state of repair. The potholes (tank traps) are beyond a joke, someone is going to get killed, or worse. Sort it out, now! 

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