On The Level

Finished laying the path today, pleased with myself as 46 years working in finance does nothing to prepare you for hard work. I used the level to make sure each slab was vaguely horizontal and they were. The Bubble does not lie.

Went to get some nice Golden Flint chippings to backfill the edges and was delighted with the price - . £5.99 per bag, or three for £10. I thought long and hard before opting for the latter.

Note to self - In the next life, don't come back as a builder. Everything is so bloody heavy!

On the way home I came across a very strange sight. A lorry load of Lego had spilled all over the road, and the traffic policeman in attendance said he didn't know what to make of it....

Gary is finishing off the plastering tomorrow and then we break for Christmas. Looking forward to some precious time off, hooray!

And finally I went with J, my son, and Hollie for a walk to the village and round the cricket fields. An easy and pleasant two miles. It was good to get out and stretch the legs once again. 

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