Derwent Pastels

Emma was coming for an early Christmas with us (as she's away for Christmas Day). So before she arrived, I popped down to the edge of Derwentwater for an hour or so. 

This image was shot with a little stopper, to smooth out the water, and isolate the foreground rocks, also 0.3 ND grad over the top half, to help recover the highlights, but not to destroy the high-key mistyness in the distance. Because of the focal length of the lens, a single shot, even at f22 would have insufficient depth of field to keep both the foreground rocks and the distance hills in focus.  I therefore shot it as a focus-stacked image of 6 photos, the first focused on the foreground, the last on the distant fells, and combined them in PhotoShop.

We had a lovely day, though we did "attend" (on line) a good friends funeral, which was a very sad time, intersperced with laughter due to his music choices (yes - for his own funeral) which included Monty Python's "Always look on the bright side of life", never cried and laughed at the same time! RIP James - We'll miss you. (Skwerg - very occassional Blipper)

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