By SamAgainPlease

Happy Xcess

Our Christmas Eve ritual (outside of lockdowns and trips away) is to go over to my brother-in-law's place for a German style feast.  His wife and her two brothers are 1st generation Australian born to German immigrants.

The hosts are now grandparents so we have a range of 2nd and 3rd generation offspring ranging from 2-30ish year olds.

My sister-in-law does not believe in underplaying her role as the hostess  or as a present giver although this year was a little quieter than usual due to one of her two sons and his son having COVID so none of that family of four was present.  The presents have never sat well with me but I appreciate then for what they are - genuine gifts of love and appreciation for the rich lives we live here.

One of the blessings of them having grandchildren is that we eat much earlier than we used to.  15 years ago we were lucky to get home before 2am and then we'd celebrate with my family for lunch the next day.

Many thanks to everyone for the best wishes for my 365th blip yesterday.  I think I actually started on Boxing Day but threw in a couple of earlier ones because I liked them and did not understand how blip works initially.

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