Sally Mair - Loving life

By Sallymair

Boxing/St Stephen's Day

How nice to wake gradually this morning secure in the knowledge that we've made it! We had Christmas together and it was lovely!
As we are still in a small mixed gathering here, I decided not to go to church this morning. I didn't want to risk carrying anything unbeknownst to the more vulnerable members of our congregation.
The younger generation & Joyce went for lunch in town while Colin and I provided transport. It was lovely after that to be quiet at home and to just potter around. The mince pies were a result of that pottering!
The wanderers returned around 5pm having found that Harvey Nicks the Harrods champagne bar in their Beauty Shop in the new St James Quarter was open, what a lucky find!
We've had a low key evening chatting and catching up. We haven't all had time together since Christmas 2019 - at which time I was very unwell and spent most of the time in bed. I do remember being very lacking in energy, so much so that when I got back from India just before lockdown in 2020, I discovered a bag of my Christmas presents in the wardrobe which I could hardly remember receiving. Fortunately there was a list. I'm pretty convinced that I had an early case of covid.
Still, all is well this year and we've had a wonderful time. Thank you blippers for all your greetings and good wishes. We're now waiting for Katy and her family to come home and to celebrate Eilidh's 8th birthday with her on Wednesday.
Keep safe and well, I fear that storm is about to hit us.

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