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By Sallymair

Catch me if you can!

Cleo has a lack of getting herself into unusual places. I came back from getting a cup of coffee this morning to find her on the ledge of the sash windows... Why? Apologies for the poor contrast but she was disappearing rapidly backwards behind the curtains so I was lucky to capture her at all! The only picture I took today.
Today's weather has been foul for most of the day and evening, I later discovered that was down to Storm Bella. Today we did little. I watched a live version of The Sound of Music, once I got over the shock of it not being Julie Andrews I rather enjoyed it.
I spoke to the girls afterwards and had a long Messenger call with our friends in the States this which was nice. It's good to catch up. We all have hopes of better things to come, they at least hope for some stable leadership.
After a cranberry and brie sandwich I watched the anniversary concert of Les Mis which I thoroughly enjoyed. Undemanding TV, just what the doctor ordered. We then watched some of Victoria Wood programme, I did some fiendish sudokus and then called it a night.
I hope the weather picks up a bit tomorrow. It would be nice to cross the threshold. Only 20 allowed in church tomorrow so we are having to not exactly book in, but check there will be room if we want to go. I didn't sign up for this week. It's going to be strange going back to a degree of lockdown again. I'm wondering just how the shops are going to cope with the traditional post Christmas return of presents when they are not going to be open for at least three weeks. Fortunately I've nothing I need to exchange.

Thank you for all the Christmas wishes, I hope everybody had a good day, keep safe and well.

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