By Bom

A Barcelona Bauble

I bought this Xmas tree bauble in Barcelona, which is in a Gaudi style. I did some sorting out this morning, intending to get some fresh air this afternoon, but it rained. So I caught up with some Xmas recordings instead. Another of my brothers in law hasn’t been well and went into hospital for treatment yesterday, but should get out tomorrow. 

Day 651 / Day 18 of Plan B (for my record only)
The only data reported was for England today for the last 3 days. New cases reported for 25th was 113,628 (new record); for 26th was 103,558; and for 27th was 98,515 - I’m sure even these for England are significantly less than reality due to issues getting home testing / people not wanting to get tested at xmas. Wales reported 5,335 cases on Boxing Day. Scotland has reported provisional figures of 8,252 cases on 25th; 11,030 on 26th and 10,562 on 27th. The latest dashboard reported figure for hospital admissions is now a week old. Just reported that for England the total in hospital with Covid rose from 7,536 yesterday to 8,474 today - up 12.4% in a single day! Boris met with the CSA and CMO today to go through the latest numbers - no communication to the public from him, but the Health Secretary has confirmed no ‘there will be no further measures before the New Year.’ A Covid data expert has seen some hospital data from England for the last 3 days (although 5 health trusts haven’t reported data), with 2,425 in hospital in London, up 45.5%. I find it shocking that such critical data hasn’t been reported promptly / completely. There were no walk in PCR tests that could be booked in England for a few hours this afternoon due to high demand. Travel disruptions are continuing due to staff Covid related absences. Three cruise ships have returned to their home port in the US after having positive cases onboard. 

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