By flavia13


Or to be exact Arnside.

Thank you all for all your kind comments, stars and hearts for yesterday's blip.

We decided to just have a local day today so we went to Beetham Nurseries first thing and got there early, about 9.45 and it was so lovely and quiet that we felt comfortable there.  Had a lovely coffee and then a browse around the shop.

I bought a new bird feeder, just one like a meshed dish that I can put on the top of the wall of the balcony and hopefully enjoy watching the birds feeding from it.  They did of course have a lot of Christmas items now on sale and I guess it's the best time to buy them but to be honest I really cannot do it.  I love Christmas, but at Christmas not afterwards.

We then went for a drive around the area and through Silverdale.  Couldn't believe how many cars there were about, parked up at all the small woodlands, they must have been heaving and it was sometimes difficult to negotiate away around them.  Still you can't blame folk as the weather today was not too bay.

We stopped off at Arnside and just had a stroll along the prom and I went onto the beach..  Arnside too was busy, but I managed to get a few photos and stay well distanced fro folk before we came away. I of course waved to Knottman2, Gladders and Keithspics whilst in the area.

We then stopped off in Grange and had lunch at the S Cafe, which is next door but one to The Hazlemere as there  is very little open in Grange today  of course.  Once again we were very lucky (that is not normal for us) and the cafe was not too busy just then.  I actually had a delicious poached pear and walnut salad and both Hubby and Mum enjoyed their meals as well.  As we came away they were queueing to get in (we wouldn't have stopped if there had been a queue when we were arrived).  Took Mum up to Johnston's as she wanted a posh purse to go with her new posh handbag (a present from my brother and his partner).

We then just came home.  Mum has packed ready to be taken home tomorrow.

Do take care everyone and stay safe and see you all tomorrow.

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