Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Nine years

Nine years ago today, Gus  arrived in our lives and our home.  If you don't know his story, it's explained in the linked entry for that day.  He was said to be 5 then, so he must be at least 14 now. 

4 months ago he was seriously ill with gastroenteritis.  He endured what must have been horrendous pain and discomfort, it was heartbreaking to witness.  We left him with his vet overnight to be rehydrated and given intravenous antibiotics.  She warned us that he might very well not survive the night.  The next morning he was walked out to see us with his tail wagging, he was desperately weak, yet keen to come home.  Tests on his kidneys showed he only had 25% function, and the vet said we might only have him for another 3 months.

So here we are on borrowed time.  He is a very old dog now, he manages three walks a day, though they are getting shorter and slower.  His hearing is poor and his vision cloudy, his hips are arthritic and his pads are sensitive when walking on gravel.  He sleeps most of the day.  Yet he is happy and content so long as we are close by.  We try not to leave him on his own for more than an hour or so, usually in the mornings when he is most deeply asleep.

Every day, every hour is a precious gift.  He is the most beautiful creature in every way that we have ever known  Julie and Steve who entrusted him to us 9 years ago gave us the most precious Christmas present ever.  He changed our lives and brought boundless joy, and we shall be forever grateful to them for their gift.

Every hour is precious.

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